filo1 Hopeless Philosophy

I separated myself from philosophy when it was impossible for me to discover at Kant any trace of human weakness or an authentic accent of sadness; at Kant and at all philosophers.

In contrast to music, mysticism, poetry, philosophical activity shows a thin sap and a suspected depth which tempt only… read more



orfeo480387 Orpheus Comes Back

The sand flows through hourglasses

Or our blood to the gentle shimmering

Of pearl, in the twilight of the heart

Enveloping the eternally open eye… read more


simurgh The Simurgh

The Simurgh is an immortal bird nesting on the branches of the Tree of Knoeledge. Burton compared it with the Scandinavian eagle which knows a lot of things and makes his nest on the branches of the Cosmic Tree, called Yaggdrasil… read more



brilliant-image-of-stars The Stars

The stars are so close to me,

When the living waters mirror them in the waves;

Gold, glass, smoke beads.

Shadowy stars, fire stars,

The seas of the world are turned by… read more


3-surreal Morality and Atheism

Existentialist atheism affirms that God doesn’t exist, but then there is at least one being whose existence precedes the essence, a being that existed before being defined by a concept, and that being is man…

What is meant here by the statement that existence precedes the essence ? This mean that man first exist, is situated, is emerging in the… read more


romantic_night_by_joshushund Sleeping Swimmer

Now at midnight I’m worried about

the sleeping swimmer.

Better in the sleepy park of autumn

to stand with my forehead on a leaf… read more


cogito-egg Cogito

But who am I ? A thing that thinks. One who inquires himself, understands, says, denies, wants, doesn’t want, always imagines and feels.

Therefore, from the simple fact that I know about my existence, besides the fact I am a being who thinks, I rightly conclude that my essence lies in the fact that I am only a… read more



Again all are sad

Today, as yesterday

Flood of pain.

And the dream dies

In the black destiny… read more


aaabbb The Inner Freedom

Among the realities that surround us there are some that we can dispose of and others that are beyond our power and will. Ours are views, impulses, desires, affections and everything that represents our own activity. Besides our will are the body, the fame, the leader’s force and everything is not specific us. Those that depend on us are free by their essence… read more



When the snow falls…

During the times brokes out

Pain for dead souls,

Although… these are past events !… read more