joel-rea The Sense of Justice

There is within the souls of man an innate principle of justice and virtue on the bases of which, against our own convictions, we judge our actions and others as good or bad, and this principle is consciousness…

If this were the subject here, I would try to show how the first voices of consciousness appear from the heart of man, and how from the feeling of love and hatred…  read more


waiting Only in Silence

To sink myself in silence

As in a deep and warm water,

Swimming in it to purify me

From the slag of the lie… read more



don q 1

The Absurd of Idealism

A more careful reading of the novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes shows us that unlike Sancho Panza, who is obsessed with the idea of enrichement, Don Quixote is obsessed with the idea that the order of the world should grounde on: social justice and elimination of the oppression.

“I came to the world to remove the injustice”, always says Don Quixote, for who the true purpose of life is not his own fame, but the benefits that his actions may cause… read more




Flutes play in vain

In these pagan days –

Aspirants were lost in wind,

Nothing remains… read more



Eternal Recommencing

In religion as in magicperiodicity means, above all, the endless use of a mythical time brought again to the present day. All rituals have the property of happening now, at this moment. The time that saw the event, repeated or commented on by some ritual, is made present, represented, if we can say so, no matter how old in time… read more




Boulevards widen in the summer night,

On trees – electric light,

At the station a car started

And in vain train horns trembled… read more



Storm and Stress

In Germany, Enlightenment was followed by a movement called “Sturm and Drang” (Storm and Stress), animated by national ideals and militating for naturalism, and affirmation of sensivity and genius. The rediscovery of the ancient ideal and the idea of man’s accomplishment characterize the orentation represented by Schiller, Hölderlin and Herder, and which found its superior illustration in… read more




Ever more and lony

In my wilder world –

And more and more it presses me

A heavy mizantropy… read more



The Chinese Dragon

Chinese cosmology shows that the Ten Thousand Beings (the world) are born from the rhythmic play of two complementary and eternal principles, which are Yin and Yang. Yin corresponds to concentration, darkness, passivity, even numbers and cold, and Yang corresponds to growth, light, impetus, odd numbers and warmth… read more